Howdo is a digital tool that helps managers and employees work together to promote a healthier workplace by asking one question each week. Sound simple? It is.

Quick - fast results

Posing a single recurring question to employees each week is proven to produce a high response rate. Together with transparent answers, it becomes easy to act quickly on changes. With Howdo, your organization has a tool to check on how your people are feeling on an individual level and as a group, making it easier to create action plans and take steps to promote a healthier work environment.


response rate

Shared responsibility – shared satisfaction

Howdo is for open organizations where everyone is working towards the same goal. It is important that managers act quickly when an employee is unhappy, and equally important for employees to reflect on how they are feeling and give managers the opportunity to help. As a manager, you’ll get an indication on a weekly basis of the health of your organization. As an employee, you’ll have a simple tool for signaling if something is not right. Together, you can work to find solutions when someone isn’t doing well.

Our mission

To reveal how people are feeling

We have all asked the question, “How are you?” to a colleague at the coffee machine in the morning, but how often have we reflected on the answer? Maybe we did not have time to stop and listen right there and then. At Howdo, we want to make it as natural to talk about how you are feeling as what you ate for dinner last night. Have you had a red day, a yellow week or a green month? It’s so easy to talk about and the first step to a healthier workplace.